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History shows that nothing lasts forever. Although the feeling that some are here to stay is recurrent in our minds.

Today, if someone comments that Google and Apple will pass, it is likely that this person will be labeled as crazy. But, likewise, those who claimed that Nokia and Blackberry would be pushed out of the market, the same reaction would occur.

I use this argument to claim that products, services and business models are threatened every day by a “tsunami” of new “players”, more agile, more creative, more focused and with absurd determination.


Established companies are already convinced of this challenge, and are looking for alternatives to remain relevant in the market.

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M&A (Merger & Acquisition)

The threatened organization can decide to merge with another equivalent company, and thereby gain a larger market share, while being able to reduce its operating costs. It is a temporary way of being present in the market.

Another alternative is to acquire innovative companies (startups or scaleups) to offer new products and services to the market. In these cases, it is common for the acquiring company to use its already established production and distribution capacity and sales channels.

Internal value creation

In M&A cases, innovation occurs through the arrival of an external entity. Some companies decide to create value internally. This occurs when the organization believes it has constancy of purpose from its leaders, a risk-tolerant culture, and an intense willingness to define and develop new products, services, and business models.

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  • We are a venture builder, which means we transform your ideas into scalable businesses.

  • Siena Disruptive was designed to serve companies that want to internally create their own portfolio of innovative products and services.
  • Siena Disruptive proposes to be a partner of these companies, with conditions to develop products and develop the market, through short and low-cost learning cycles, as determined by the “lean startup” methodology created by Eric Ries.
  • Siena Disruptive believes that it fills a relevant gap for those companies that believe that innovation is one of the best strategies for their growth and perpetuation. In addition to being convinced of the ability of its executives and employees to create the new.


We categorize our services into two fronts that must be developed in parallel, according to the “Customer Development Methodology” methodology created by Steve Blank.

Each of these services has already defined deliverables, and these models are previously presented to the potential client in order to align expectations.

Product Development

Every idea is born from observation, for it to become tangible, it is relevant that it be prototyped, to then be matured by MVP's until the construction of a robust and scalable product.

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We collect, classify, evaluate, prioritize and select a set of ideas that are in the “ backlog” of your organization.

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Lean Prototyping

We create fast, low-cost prototypes to validate value proposition of potential customer segments .

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Creating MVPs

We create minimum viable products that can be consumed by the first customers.

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Product Creation

We added features in the product to make it scalable and maintainable.

Market Development

Every idea must be linked to the solution of a relevant problem. Discovering, validating and creating customers is essential to the success of any product.

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Client Discovery

We discover the interest of market segments by assessing the relevance of the problems that the idea proposes to resolve.

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Client Validation

We validate the value proposition, pricing model and marketing channels with potential customers.

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Creating Clients

We define, implement and measure the customer journey to product sales.

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Business Exploitation

We create an organizational structure that favors product growth in its market segment.


Siena Disruptive can be hired in two ways:

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By project

This hiring model is to meet specific needs of the client. The customer purchased one of the services to be performed only once. For example, a customer needs to prototype an idea to validate a customer segment. All services in our portfolio can be contracted using this model.

By process

In this contracting model the recurrence of services. Generally, these clients already have a defined innovation structure, but do not have the entire cycle internally. For example, the client does not have a software team to create MVPs, in this case he hires Siena Disruptive to develop his MVPs for a year or more.

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Siena Disruptive knows that its proposal is different. Therefore, it is likely that doubts have arisen and further clarification is necessary.

We encourage you to contact us to schedule a chat, hoping that we can contribute to the success of your innovation journey.

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